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AHHHHHHH!!!!!! (at 2014 San Diego Comic Con International Japanese Animation)

#trueblood #goodbyessuck #ComicCon2014 #SDCC2014

Grimm panel #SDCC2014 #ComicCon2014

OH. MY. GOD. Only 5 rows from the front guys and still 2 more chances to move up before TVD and True Blood!!!!!! #ComicCon2014 #SDCC2014

Lookie who is the OUAT moderator!!!! #ComicCon2014

Homer Simpson took to the stage for the #ComicCon2014 Simpsons panel

Ballroom 20 Line. Will I get in???? (at San Diego Comic-Con International)

View of the back of the Comic Con Convention Center from the end of the Ballroom 20 Line. #prayforentry #ComicCon2014

The ughs and yays of moving (at Ktown)